Prix d'Amerique 2020

2019 Prix d'Amérique

January 27, 2019 - Trotting, 2,700 meters, Paris-Vincennes


Zeit Alter  Trainer Fahrer Quote  
  1. Belina Josselyn 1:11,7 8 J.M. Bazire J.M. Bazire 3,5  
  2. Looking Superb 1:11,7 6 J.M. Bazire A. Abrivard 67,5  
  3. Readly Express 1:11,7 7 T. Nurmos B. Goop 4,2  
  4. Davidson Du Pont 1:11,8 6 J.M. Bazire F. Ouvrie 15,4  
  5. Propulsion 1:12,0 8 D. Redén Ö. Kihlström 6,1  
  6. Bold Eagle 1:12,1 8 S. Guarato F. Nivard 3,8  
  7. Uza Josselyn 1:12,2 8 R. Aebischer G. Gelormini 192,8  
  8. Bird Parker 1:12,3 8 P. Allaire J. Monclin 22,6  
  9. Urlo Dei Venti 1:12,4 6 G. Casillo A. Greppi 156,2  
  10. Bahia Quesnot 1:12,5 8 J. Guelpa J. Guelpa 147,8
  11. Carat Williams 1:12,5 7 S. Guarato D. Thomain 92,7
  12. Lionel 1:12,6 9 D. Redén G. Antonsen 96,5
  13. Billie De Montfort 1:12,6 8 S. Guarato P. Verva 305,3
  14. Valko Jenilat 1:12,7 10 S. Guarato F. Lagadeuc 307,1
  15. Charly Du Noyer 1:12,9 7 P. Allaire P. Vercruysse 284,4
  16. Traders 1:13,5 7 P. Allaire Y. Lebourgeois 45,9
Eridan disq. 5 S. Guarato E. Raffin 32,1  
Délia Du Pommereux disq. 6 S. Roger D. Bonne 67,0

Preview: January 24, 2019

It has been a long time since the world's most important trotting race was as exciting as this year. Of course title holder Readly Express will be the favourite, but it is almost impossible to judge his current form. After several poor performances it is also difficult to say where Bold Eagle stands, while Propulsion's preparation was interrupted by a fever. So it is not totally unlikely that a mare will win the Prix d’Amérique for the first time since twenty years, at least Belina Josselyn displayed tremendous form the recent weeks.

Readly Express won more or less every race he could until his 2018 Prix d’Amérique triumph. Afterwards he almost disappeared, missed the Elitloppet in his homeland Sweden and got beaten twice by Propulsion when came back from a five-month break, even ended fifth in the Sundsvall Open Trot, his worst placement ever. He defended his Svenskt Mästerskap title in October and then had another lay-off until he returned to Paris in late December. Though driver Björn Goop did not push him, he finished runner-up in the Prix de Bourgogne, only beaten by Bold Eagle. His next start in the Prix de Belgique on January 13 seemed like a training performance too, with all shoes on he ended fifth. He will run the Prix d’Amérique without shoes again. If he then will be able to produce last year's form, we will not know before January 27.

Bold Eagle, the 2016 and 2017 winner, got narrowly beaten by Readly Express in last year's Amérique. He started as 15:10 favourite in the Prix de Bretagne in November, but ended just fourth. Then, without shoes for the first time, finished even only sixth in the Prix du Bourbonnais, why many experts already wrote the 'Eagle' off. However, Bold Eagle showed rising form again by winning the Prix de Bourgogne. This victory should not be overvalued, but certainly it was very important for his confidence.

Propulsion ended third and fourth in the Amérique the last two years and performed as strong as never before the rest of 2018. The US-bred and Swedish-trained son of Muscle Hill, runner-up of the 2018 Elitloppet, was supposed to retire at the end of last year, but due to his strong form was then prepared for the Prix d'Amérique again. Unfortunately his preparation was interrupted by a fever, why it was not clear, if he can start at all. Due to positive training impressions trainer Daniel Redén decided to go with him to Paris. But even Redén does not know if Propulsion will reach his best form on Sunday.

Belina Josselyn appears the only full convincing horse among the favourites at present. She gave a strong performance in the Prix du Bourbonnais, when came from the back of the field to miss victory by centimetres. She seemed even better in the Prix de Belgique, won the race easily, before she was disqualified due to an obstruction. The daughter of Love You finished runner-up and fourth in the Amérique the last two years. If her rivals really struggle, she could become the first mare to win the Prix d'Amérique since Moni Maker back in 1999.

Bird Parker is one of the more experienced horses, it will be his fourth Amérique start. He has gained more than €2 million prize money already, won the Grand Prix de Paris (4,150 m) ahead of Bélina Josselyn last year. The eight-year-old took part in all four 'B-races' this season, ended third twice before he defended his Prix de Belgique title most recently. However, so far he never managed a better place than sixth in the 150 meters shorter Prix d'Amérique.

Davidson Du Pont qualified early for the Prix d'Amérique by winning the Prix de Bretagne. The style he held all attacks there was very impressive, though he will face opponents in much better form on January 27. The only six-year-old Davidson Du Pont run his first Group race at the beginning of this year, meanwhile triumphed in three Group 1 races.

Delia Du Pommereux gained her Amérique ticket with a second place in the Prix de Bretagne. Although already qualified, trainer Sylvain Roger sent her to the Prix du Bourbonnais to keep her in form, and she actually even won that race! She had already defeated Davidson Du Pont in the Prix Marcel Laurent and had lost against him only by a 'head' in the Criterium des 5 ans.

Urlo Dei Venti is Italy's Amérique hope this year. In December the six-year-old run a new track record in the Gran Premio Duomo (1,600 m) at Florence, it was his fifth Group 1 victory, including the Gran Premio Lotteria. He was already successful at Paris-Vincennes, won the Prix du Luxembourg last year. His last start was quite disappointing however, as clear favourite he ended only fourth in a Group 3 race at Bologna on January 6.

Carat Williams still has the trust of many 'experts' despite he has not won a race since 2017. In this season's 'B-races' he had quite unlucky runs, only qualified after Belina Josselyn was disqualified in the Prix de Belgique. Nevertheless, the colt with the big heart from the Sébastien Guarato stable should not be underestimated.

Looking Superb is another six-year-old in the field and the third Amérique starter from champion trainer Jean-Michel Bazire, besides Belina Josselyn and Davidson Du Pont. The Norwegian colt qualified via the Prix Ténor de Baune on December 23rd, where he defeated Davidson Du Pont and a galloping Delia Du Pommereux. He had not won too much in Norway before he came to 'JMB' and will be the poorest Amérique participant with an overall profit of only 139,122 Euro.

Lionel, the second Norwegian colt in the field, will run his fourth Prix d'Amérique. Twice he got disqualified, gained a third place in 2017. The greatest times of the nine-year-old seem to be over. At least he finished runner-up in the International Trot in October, has only run twice since. He enters the Amérique rested, still it would be quite a surprise, would we see him in the final battle.

Eridan is the youngest participant in the field with only five years. He gained his Amérique ticket when quite surprisingly won the Critérium Continental. The son of Ready Cash proved that he can also keep up with older cracks in the Prix de Belgique, where he finished fourth ahead of Readly Express. Of course there will be a different speed in the Prix d'Amérique, still the youngster might be able to manage a place among the top ten.

Traders tried to defend his title in the Prix de Cornulier last week, but ended only runner-up there. A bit surprising that Philippe Allaire sends him to the Prix d'Amérique now, where he has just tiny chances. However, Traders had beaten Bold Eagle back in 2016 and did win the Prix Kerjacques ahead of Bélina Josselyn last year. With 1:10,1 he has the best time over 2,700 meters in the field.

Bahia Quesnot succeeded a sensation when came runner-up in the Prix de Belgique and qualified for the Amérique as 49:1 outsider. Right after she had moved to the stable of Junior Guelpa she had already managed to win the Grand Prix de Noël (G3) on December 23. Of course the Prix d'Amérique is a complete different class, still her recent performance was just very impressive.

Uza Josselyn qualified for the Prix d'Amérique when finished third in the Prix de Bourgogne. Trained and owned by the Swiss René Aebischer, she managed to finish runner-up right behind Bold Eagle and ahead of Belina Josselyn in the Prix René Ballière in June. Still the eight-year-old daughter of Love You will only be outsider on January 27.

Charly Du Noyer had once won the Critérium des 3 Ans and the Critérium des 4 Ans, but never really satisfied expectations. In the Prix d'Amérique he will be a huge outsider again, also why he has not won a race since almost two years.

Billie De Montfort qualified through her prize money of 1,8 Million Euro. Last year's Grand Prix Gelsenkirchen winner took part in two 'B-races', where she was without a chance, which she will be also on Sunday.

Valko Jenilat is the fifth horse from the Sébastien Guarato stable besides Bold Eagle, Eridan, Carat Williams and Billie De Montfort, which might be a tactical advantage for Bold Eagle. Valko Jenilat, with ten years the oldes participant, will surley not win the Prix d'Amérique, last year he managed at least a ninth place.

Fixtures 2018/19:
Nov.18 - Prix De Bretagne (2,700 m - Davidson Du Pont)
Dec.09 - Prix du Bourbonnais (2,850 m - Delia Du Pommereux)
Dec.23 - Criterium Continental (2,100 m, 4yo - Eridan)
Dec.23 - Prix Tenor de Baune (2,700 m, 5yo - Looking Superb)
Dec.30 - Prix de Bourgogne (2,100 m - Bold Eagle)
Jan.13 - Prix de Belgique (2,850 m - Bird Parker)
Jan.27 - Prix d'Amérique (2,700 m - Belina Josselyn)
Feb.10 - Prix de France (2,100 m - Readly Express)
Feb.24 - Prix de Paris (4,150 m - Belina Josselyn)

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