Prix d'Amerique 2023

2023 Prix d'Amérique

January 29, 2023 - Trotting, 2,700 meters, Paris-Vincennes


Age Time
Driver Trainer Odds

1. Hooker Berry 6 11‘7
J.-M. Bazire J.-M. Bazire 8.5

2. Ampia Mede SM 7 11‘9
F. Nivard F. Souloy 35.0

3. Italiano Vero 5 11‘9
D. Thomain P. Allaire 22.0

4. Hip Hop Haufor 6 11‘9
Ch. Bigeon C. Bigeon 33.0

5. Hohneck 6 11‘9
F. Lagadeuc P. Allaire 31.0

6. Don Fanucci Zet 7 12‘1
Y. Lebourgeois D. Redén 9.4

7. Hussard Du Landret 6 12‘1
B. Robin B. Robin 34.0

8. Horsy Dream 6 12‘2
E. Raffin P. Belleoche 3.4

9. Cokstile 10 12‘2
V. Dell’Annunziata G. Casillo 124.0

10. Flamme Du Goutier 8 12‘2
T. Duvaldestin T. Duvaldestin 11.0

11. Moni Viking 10 12‘4
B. Goop B. Goop 19.0

Décoloration 10 disq.
G. Gelormini J.-M. Baudouin 78.0

Délia Du Pommereux 10 disq.
P. Verva S. Roger 36.0

Vivid Wise As 9 disq.
M. Abrivard A. Gocciadoro 28.0

Vernissage Grif 9 disq.
A. Gocciadoro A. Gocciadoro 106.0

Idao De Tillard 5 disq.
C. Duvaldestin T. Duvaldestin 3.5

NS Honey Mearas 6

O. Kihlström D. Redén

NS Etonnant 9

A. Barrier R. Westerink

Preview: January 26, 2023

The quality of this year's Prix d'Amérique seems rather low, not only because of the scratching of top favourite Calgary Games. However, it makes the world's most important trotting race even more exciting, as almost every horse seems able to make it on the podium.

Idao de Tillard is the bookmakers' favourite to win the 2023 Prix d'Amérique, though he just became five years. In France, he is outstanding in his age class, just won the Critérium Continental and the Prix De Croix. He also beat older opponents, like Hohneck or Héraut D'Armes in the Prix De Selection or Prix Marcel Laurent, but actually has not yet faced the very best international trotters. Still, he seems the right favourite, considering his impressive style and the rather low standard of the race,

Flamme Du Goutier, like Idao de Tillard trained by Thierry Duvaldestin, finished third in last year's Prix d'Amérique, had won the most important Monté race, the Prix de Cornulier, only one week before. The eight-year-old daughter of Ready Cash stayed away from the racetracks for seven months, but seems to got back to form right in time. She came runner-up in the Prix de Bourgogne on New Year's Day, and defended her title in the Prix de Cornulier last Sunday.

Horsy Dream took advantage of Calgary Games' mistake in the Prix Ténor de Baune, demonstrated impressive finishing speed to win this event, which was actually his first participation in a group one race. He had won seven races last year and just confirmed his outstanding form in the Prix de Belgique on January 15, won the race with shoes on all hooves.

Hooker Berry is Jean-Michel Bazire's horse in this year's Prix d'Amérique, just this fact alone makes him one of the favourites. And the six-year-old won the Prix du Bourbonnais in such great style on December 11, that he must be on the short list. On January 15, he could not get his trainer the fourth win in a row in the Prix de Belgique, finished only fourth as race favourite.

Délia Du Pommereux will take part at the Prix d'Amérique for the fifth time this year. 2021 she finished fourth, beat Face Time Bourbon in the Prix de France two weeks later and then won the Paralympiatravet at Åby. Afterwards, the ten-year-old mare did not gain a single victory until she surprised by winning the Prix de Bourgogne. The 'old lady' is well known for her finishing speed and should also be considered due to her enormous experience.

Don Fanucci Zet is Swedens hope since Calgary Games is scratched from the 2023 Prix d'Amérique. The problem, he did not run since August and rather prefers short distances. What he is capable to do, he showed two years ago by winning the 2021 Elitloppet. The Daniel Redén self bred colt never really build on that success subsequently, still could have a say in the Amérique, would he be on his best.

Ampia Mede SM had been among the favourites ahead of last year's Amérique, after she had won eight races in a row. She then got disqualified in the Prix Tenor De Baune and could not take part in the big race. The Italian mare never found back to form since, at least got third in the Prix de Bretagne and Prix de Bourgogne. Can she improve, she will be in the mix.

Moni Viking, will represent Norway in the 2023 Prix d'Amérique. The ten-year-old stayer already took part in the Amérique two years ago, but got disqualified then. Despite interim health problems, the son of Maharajah displayed strong form last year, won the Åby Stora Pris and the Sundsvall Open Trot in summer. He will compete well fresh in the Amérique, run only the Prix de Belgique after a break since August.

Hip Hop Haufor gained his Amérique ticket by winning the first qualifying race, the Prix de Bretagne, on November 20. The opposition was not the toughest there, however. The colt, who is not a quick starter but has a strong turn of foot, did not look bad in the Prix Ténor de Baune either, though he ended only sixth.

Hussard du Landret, who is a quick starter, made it to the Amérique when came runner-up behind Hooker Berry in the Prix du Bourbonnais. Three weeks before, he was already second in the Prix de Bretagne, but was set back to the fifth position due to a jostle. The son of Bird Parker-Sohn has developed very well in the recent months, already won the Critérium des 5 ans as 69:1 outsider in September.

Hohneck was the youngest participant in last year's Prix d'Amérique, where he gained a strong fifth place. Afterwards, the six-year-old won five group two races, but does not seem to be on his best at present, came only fifth in the Prix Ténor de Baune too. He at least came third in the Prix de Belgique, benefited from the disqualifications of Gu d’Héripré and Hirondelle Sibey.

Vivid Wise As is known as one of the world's best sprinters, still managed a fourth place in last year's Prix d'Amérique. At the end of a four month lay-off, the experienced Italian colt entered the Prix du Bourbonnais as favourite, but disappointed. Actually, he suffered from an infection and did not had another run since.

Cokstile is a similar case like Vivid Wise As. He is also very well experienced and perverse sprinting distances too, where he even won the 2020 Elitloppet. After a break since June, he had two weak starts in the B-races this year. Last yeat he finished ninth in the Amérique.

Honey Mearas is trained by Daniel Redén, like Don Fanucci Zet. Two years ago, she won the Swedish Derbystoet, but did not call attention afterwards. On her first and only appearance in Paris she came ninth in the Prix Ténor de Baune.

Italiano Vero is also qualified for the Amérique, he finished runner-up in the Prix de Bretagne. Even though he got beaten several times by Idao de Tillard, he is one of the best French five-year-olds. Still, he will only be outsider in the Amérique.

Vernissage Grif managed his place in the Prix d'Amérique due to his prize money. Like Etonnant and Don Fanucci Zet, the nine-year-old son of Varenne run in this last year's Elitloppet, but did not survive the first heat and will not have an easy time in Paris too.

Décoloration is even a bigger outsider. The ten-year-old mare narrowly missed the qualification in the Prix du Bourbonnais and Prix de Bourgogne, finally gained her first Amérique ticket as runner-up in the Prix de Belgique.

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Fixtures - 2022/23 Paris Winter Meeting:
Prix de Bretagne
2.700 m
Hip Hop Haufor
Prix du Bourbonnais
2.850 m
Hooker Berry
Critérium Continental
2.100 m
Idao De Tillard
Prix Ténor de Baune
2.700 m
Horsy Dream
Prix de Bourgogne
2.100 m
Délia Du Pommereux
Prix de Belgique
2.850 m
Horsy Dream
Prix d'Amérique
2.700 m
Hooker Berry

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